48V 15AH lithium battery for electric bicycle

The product name:48V 15AH lithium battery for electric bicycle

Product model:XDL-S-D4815-15   

The rated voltage:48V

Nominal capacity:15Ah

Charging temperature:-0~40 ℃

The discharge temperature:-20~50 ℃


Perfectly compatible with all kinds of lead acid, lithium battery simple models; Automotive power cell, strong power, long run, long life; Convenient installation, higher safety performance; Waterproof, dustproof, safe and durable

48V 15AH lithium battery for electric bicycle
1Product model


2Nominal voltage48V
3Nominal capacity15Ah
4Charging temperature0~40℃
5The discharge temperature-20~50℃
6Storage temperature0~30℃
7Charging voltage54.6V
8Charging current3A
9Discharge current≤15A
10Maximum continuous current20A
11Discharge cut-off voltage39V
12The battery weightabout4.5kg
13Product size250×72×142mm(Can be designed on demand)