How to distinguish the lithium battery of electric

Nov.14.2019 1337

With the characteristics of high energy density, memoryless and long life, the lithium battery of electric bicycle has attracted more and more attention of new energy storage. The problems of memory, low energy density and pollution of lead-acid batteries are increasingly squeezed by the lithium battery market. However, there are many negative reports about the lithium battery of electric bicycle, which cause people's misunderstanding and misunderstanding about the lithium battery of electric bicycle. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you the correct characteristics of the lithium battery of electric bicycle, so that you can see the lithium battery of electric bicycle rationally instead of demonizing it.

I. what is the relationship between the life of lithium battery of electric bicycle?

Core material and processing technology

2. Usage of lithium battery for electric bicycle

(1) first of all, it is difficult for us to intervene in the material and processing technology of the electric core. We can only simply choose to believe in scale and brand. Batteries of basic domestic brands can meet non special needs. However, according to the requirements of the factory, there will be many different types and qualities of the cores. Therefore, to learn to read the battery specifications is the most important first step to identify the battery. That is to say, the model of the electric core is doomed to have a long service life. Therefore, when purchasing the electric core, you should refer to the specification of this model and your own use situation to decide.

(2) the usage also has a direct impact on the battery life.

In the case of heavy load, the cycle life is reduced, and in the case of light load, the cycle life is extended. At the same time, the use environment is also very different. Therefore, when choosing the service life, we should choose the model according to our own use method and use environment. Don't just buy cheap ones. The most important thing is to buy the right ones.

There are many friends, in use, do not pay attention to the rate of charge and discharge, directly causing damage to the battery. It's very important to read the specification. Of course, unqualified processing will directly damage the battery pack, without the protection of charging and discharging, the loss will be greater.

II. Identification of electric core

1.Internal resistance of lithium battery of electric bicycle

Looking at the internal resistance, we can directly screen out the difference between the disassembler and the digital core and the power core. Power core, basic internal resistance less than 20. Within 50. More than 60 old batteries. However, there are also batteries for removing the machine, which are not used for a long time and have low internal resistance. Mainly reflected in the imported foreign brand electric core.

2. Weight of lithium battery of electric bicycle

This is also one of the stupid methods. The more heavy it is, the more material it is. Lishen 48g, common brand 45g, 44g also have. With less ternary materials, the cycle life is short.

3. Charge discharge curve

It needs battery capacity dividing cabinet to measure. Through discharge performance and charging performance, it can intuitively show the difference of electric core.

4. Performance of lithium battery of electric bicycle after cycling for a period of time

After a hundred cycles of the battery capacity dividing cabinet, the quality of the cell can be basically distinguished. Poor capacity reduction, good capacity stability.

As the direction of new energy storage, the lithium battery of electric bicycle has become an unchangeable direction. We should be rational to see and distinguish, to avoid a large number of salespeople fooling, so as to get what we want.