How can the performance of AGV lithium battery be

Nov.14.2019 1361

People who have known about AGV lithium battery all know that once the AGV lithium battery is damaged, only a small amount of it can be repaired, and the other important problem can only be waiting to be scrapped. Today, what Xinli Power Co., Ltd. wants to bring to you is the solutions to the problems of AGV lithium battery.

The most common problem of AGV lithium battery is that after an unexpected collision or a long time of non use, the performance of the battery has declined in all aspects, resulting in the decline of working efficiency and the shortening of service life. Generally speaking, there are three ways to recover the performance with less degradation.

1. By balance method, the lithium battery pack in AGV is disassembled and divided into a single lithium battery. The voltage, capacity and internal resistance of a single battery are tested one by one, and then the single battery with the same performance is reconstituted into a battery pack for use.

2. High current method, mild sulfurization of the battery electrode will also affect the battery performance. When the instantaneous voltage is between 80v-300v, the larger the voltage, the shorter the repair time, but not too much, otherwise the battery life will be affected.

3. Discharge method, the softening of the battery plate, can discharge the battery below the normal voltage, and then use a special activation instrument to activate and correct.

There are many kinds of problems in the failure of AGV lithium battery. If there are battery drum, short circuit, shell damage, etc., it must be given to special maintenance personnel.

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