UPS lithium battery

48V 112AH starting power lithium iron phosphate/ternary battery

Large current output: copper-nickel composite nickel strip is used to connect the cell, which can satisfy large current charge and discharge, and is safe and reliable.Output aviation plug: aviation connector, safe and reliable, meet the requirements of large current discharge;Data communication management: BMS software management chip, accurate data transmission, accurate temperature control, maximum elimination of security risks.Battery pack safe, with temperature probe, temperature over automatic start protection;The battery pack has a high cycle life, which is in line with the values of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.Charging: the plug adopts aviation plug and supports 0.5c quick charging.48V 112AH starting power lithium iron phosphate/ternary batteryorderprojectparameter1Product modelXDL-L-D-48112-1122Nominal voltage48V3Nominal capacity112Ah4Charging temperature0~45℃5The discharge temperature-20~55℃6Storage temperature-20~45℃7Temperature protection65℃±5℃8Charging voltage55.5V9Charging current22A10Discharge current≤112A11Instantaneous discharge current250A(-20~55℃)12Discharge cut-off voltage37.5V13The finished product internal resistance≤180mΩ14The battery weight40kg15Product size450×421×228mm(Can be designed on demand)16The battery shellGrade of cold-rolled plate + dusted shell17Li-ion battery protectionShort circuit protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, temperature protection, with RS485 communication18Application fieldLithium batteries for industrial machinery and equipment, lithium batteries for military starting power